Apple Store App offers Same-Day Delivery On Certian Products Via Postmates

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It is said that Apple has formed a partnership with Postmates to offer same-day order delivery through their Apple Store app.

Sources say that the app has begun showing a same-day delivery option for people in the San Francisco Bay Area, and several folks have already taken advantage of it.

For those who aren’t familiar with Postmates, it’s a logistics company that runs a network of contracted couriers who deliver stuff locally.

It’s available in 20 major cities around the United States, but it appears in-app ordering through Apple is currently limited to San Francisco, California.

For users who do see the same-day delivery option, your turn-around time will depend on the product and its availability at local Apple Stores. So for instance, an Apple TV delivery may take 4 hours, while a Lightning cable may take just an hour. The delivery fee is $19 regardless of order size or cost.

The whole process is very similar to ordering Apple products direct from Postmates, which has been available for some time. Once the order is placed you can text your courier, and access various other live tracking options.

You can get the Apple Store app for free in the App Store.