First iPhone 5 Cases Unveiled

More and more cases are showing their faces as we approach the release of the iPhone 5.We’ve already seen some of the up and coming accessories for the iPhone 5, but more have come to light. As per usual, users of the new iPhone are going to want to protect their devices, and some of the best case makers in the world have put their manufacturing process to the test.

We’ve already heard a little bit about Cygnett (with their ICON and FlipWallet) but our last bit didn’t reveal that the company has 11 cases already developed for the iPhone 5. The cases range from the super thin SecondSkin, to the tough Workmate case.

Gear 4, a UK-based mobile accessory maker has also pushed out a range of cases, the Atom, the IceBox Edge, and the Guardian. The Atom is thin like the second skin and protects against minor bumps and scratches, where the IceBox and the Guardian are a little tougher. The IceBox actually has a clear back so you can still see the two-tone rear of the iPhone.

Griffin has a new lineup of cases from the silly (like the Mustachio and the KaZoo) to the tougher cases (theirs is called the survivor). Proporta is another popular case maker that makes thin hard shell plastic cases and svelte leather cases and pouches.

There are already plenty of cases coming for the iPhone 5, and there are sure more to come. Now the choice is which one to wrap around your device.