Apple Quietly Pulls 1st-Gen iPad Mini

iPad mini 1

Looking over at the Apple Store, we find that first generation iPad mini has been removed. Doing a little research, we find that this specific unit or device has been removed recently, which came out in October 2012, and even seen some price slashes and more.

Apple did it. They seem to have taken the first generation iPad mini off their main site. There was no explanation as to why they did what they did, however, the device is quite old and very outdated compared to Apple’s newest products; like their new rumored ‘iPad Pro.’

The 32-bit A5 processor, which doesn’t sport a Retina display, can be purchased for $209 and includes some extra storage and cellular support refurbished. So in other words, now that it left the Apple Store, it only leaves Retina display models in the list.

The first generation iPad mini sports Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0 tech, a 7.9 inch LED backlight display, a 5 megapixel camera and a facetime HD camera. In addition, a 1080p HD video recorder, and finely a dual-core A5 chip.

Though the aforesaid is out-dated compared to newer Apple devices, we know that Apple will bring support to the old device, with their new operating system iOS 9. So when the new operating system gains another update, we should see the first generation iPad work quite well with iOS 9.

So what’s your thoughts on Apple removing the iPad mini from the App Store? Do you think that this was a good ideal? Let us know in the comments below.

Source info: Apple Store