T-Mobile Starts New “Jump” Program

T-mobile aaa 2

That’s right, T-Mobile is right back at it again and trying to step up the “broken wireless industry” with their new announcement. This new announcement includes their brand new move designed to help customers with the freedom to upgrade to a new smartphone or handset whenever they like.

Customers can now switch and upgrade whenever they like, up to three times in a year, with absolutely no wait time or no fees tacked on all for one monthly phone payment. The new service was announced Thursday, during T-Mobile’s event Un-Carrier Amped, and brings customers the “Jump! On Demand.”

And if customers want, they can trade in their current phone for a select new smartphone or handset up to three times in a year with no wait period, in return 18 monthly payments as well as the typical cost of a service plan. Jump! On Demand will start in select stores starting Sunday, June 28th.

Below is a video of John Legere explaining the full Jump! On Demand, courtesy of T-Mobile’s YouTube channel

In addition, existing Jump customers will be able to apply for the new plan next time they upgrade. Catching wind from iDownload.blog we find out that…

““If you keep your phone and make the final payment, the total of your payments will equal the retail price of the phone,” said T-Mobile. “In addition, customers can pay off their JUMP! On Demand plan at any time by paying the remaining payments in advance, and keep their phone without penalty.””

If you are interested, you can check out the full terms and agreements and the list of smartphones that are available at t-mobile.com/jumpondemand.