Report Comes In With iPhone 6c Details

iPhone 6c 4

 We will obviously provide all readers with the most updated news on Apple’s handsets or smartphones. In addition to that, we found some interesting info on what an analyst believes might happen with Apple’s iPhone 6c unit.

According to the report that was done by Jafferies analyst Ange Wu, Apple is speculated to make a more robust metal type casing for the iPhone 6c line, instead of the plastic like polycarbonate shell that the iPhone 5c had sported.

The good news is that names were dropped like Foxconn, and the yield rate and tech, which the tech had subsequently jumped in percentage points; letting us know that it is in the making. To add-on to that we received this nice note that Barrons had provided, which came from Jafferies analyst Ange Wu, and it reads…

 “Apple’s iPhone 6C will likely be assembled by Hon Hai Technologies (2317.Taiwan) while Foxconn Tech (2354.Taiwan) will likely get more than half of the iPhone 6C’s metal casing business, according to Jefferies, which upgraded this stock to Buy today. Analyst Ange Wu estimates that this additional metal casing business will contribute 10% of Foxconn Tech’s sales next year and revised up his target price from 115 new Taiwan dollars to NT$150.”

In addition, we get more news that comes in on Apple’s newest line of iPhones (the iPhone 6c), the report dives deeper and notes some stuff that I find to be interesting. You can read it below…

“Shares of Foxconn Tech jumped 3.2% to close at NT$112. Jefferies’s price target implies another 34% upside.

Apple is betting on metal casing to differentiate its phones from the others. “Although iPhone6C is designed as an extended version, it still uses metal casing based on Apple style,” wrote Wu.”

And finely, the source notes one last thing from the analyst. This leads us to both the iPhone 6c, the iPhone 6s and even the iPhone 6s Plus. You can read the rest below…

“Hon Hai and Foxconn Tech are Apple’s two preferred metal casing suppliers. For the smaller iPhone 6/6S, Hon Hai gets half of the business and Foxconn Tech gets 25%. But for the larger iPhone 6/6S Plus, Apple raised stake in both, giving 60% of the business to Hon Hai and 35% to Foxconn Tech. “The experience gained from iPhone 6/6 Plus rear metal casings will sustain FTC’s position as the main supplier for the iPhone 6S/6S Plus, and this will likely be extended to the iPhone 6C,” said Jefferies.”

What’s your thoughts on this? do you think that they are on to something or no? If so, let us know what you think in the comments below.

Source info: Barrons