Pegatron Hiring Workers For New iPhone 6s

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 In recent news, many source have noticed the amount of workers that Pegatron has been hiring. As of course, this leads to the iPhone 6s and its production, since it is speculated to land sometime around this September. 

With a little more than just two month, it is assumed that the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus will land around this September. With that said, DigiTimes reported that Pegatron is reportedly in the process of hiring more workers. This number estimates roughly around 40,000 workers as the company makes preparations to start the new line of iPhones.

The source is quite determined that the new iPhones will drop this September, although it’s a pattern for Apple, the company has been taking some different or unexpected steps with their products. You can read what they had to say below…

“The recruiting will continue until October, with Protek planning to hire 40,000 workers in total, the report said.

The new iPhones will be launched in September and global shipments will reach 25 million units in the third quarter and 50 million units in the fourth quarter, the report cited local retail channels as indicating.”

In addition, the new iPhone 6s is said to sport some new features but not that much in design. Many sources say that the antenna bands and the protruding camera will stay, which we just covered in a recent report, however some other features will hop on and bring users some better features. Courtesy of we found out that…

 “Other rumored features include an updated Qualcomm baseband modem for up to twice as fast 4G LTE networking at 300Mbps, improved NFC, faster and more reliable Touch ID, a force-sensing screen possibly offering more pixels than the present-generation models, an Apple-designed “A9” processor with 2GB of RAM, and more.”

Although Pegatron will be working on the new iPhones, it’s expected that they will be assembled by Foxconn, which is a longtime manufacture partner of Apple. The California-based company suppliers include Largan, Zhen Ding and Flexion, which have expanded their production facilities to cover the large amount of iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus units.

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