Samsung Comes Out With New Ads

Samsung ad 1

Many folks can see the growing rivalry between Apple and Samsung increase, with that said Samsung’s marketing department recently came out with some ads, and showcases a series of commercials comparing their new smartphone to Apple and their iPhone 6.

Samsung is back at it again, the company came out with a couple of commercials — kinda like “6 is greater than 6” — and noted that Apple’s customers are “a nation of checkers.” Many say that this is in response to Apple’s newest line of speculated iPhones to come, however, it just seems like typical Samsung commercials to me.

The thirty-second long videos that were recently put out highlights some features of the Galaxy S6 Edge. These features include stuff like information streaming, and night clock mode, which Samsung designed to display bite-size info on the side of the curved phone’s screen. In addition, users can also access and get a clear understanding on what’s coming in like text, emails, weather, Twitter and much more from the side.

With all of that said, I think it’s best to show you the new commercials instead of describing them, courtesy of Samsung’s YouTube channel as seen below.

Peering over to The Wall Street Journal, the publication site noted some pretty interesting stuff. They say that Samsung could potentially move their Galaxy Note 5 launch to August, this is speculated and thought due to Apple releasing their rumored iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus handset somewhere in September. Many say that Samsung hopes to beat Apple’s iPhone hype in September if they make this move.

Well, like always, what’s your thoughts on Samsung’s commercials? Do you think that they were good or told the truth about their handsets and Apple’s iPhones? If so, let us know in the comments below.

Source info: Samsung’s YouTube channel