Apple’s Smartphone Share Reaches 92%

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 The share of Apple went up from 65% a year ago, this news is according to a memo that a source had obtained and shared. We find out about other companies and how they broke even or either lost out, however, Apple and Samsung seem to have taken another path.

According to Canaccord Genuity, which sent out a memo to different sources like AppleInsider. The memo on Monday notes that Samsung claimed 15% of income. The combined statistics and figures of theirs leaps over 100% since other companies running in the top eight either broke even or took some losses.

In addition, Blackberry held out at a flat zero, while other companies like Lenovo reached -1%. Peering over to other companies that the memo described, Microsoft declined to a 4% share, and will take a dramatic step with altering the way they handle phones, as they cut close to 7,800 jobs and writes off its Nokia acquisition.

Moreover, Samsung forecasts that they will see a 4% drop in operating profits for the June quarter, many analyst and sources like The Wall Street Journal blamed the botched Galaxy S6 launch for the decline. Although Samsung’s smartphone is selling, the company didn’t make enough of the Edge models and too many of the Galaxy S6 units, which resulted in a miscalculation of sales.

Looking over to the California-based company, Apple’s iPhone is thought and speculated to equal out for less than 20% of worldwide smartphone unite sales. In addition, this means that their control of industry profits is mostly due to higher margins off of each customer. However, there is another side to this, AppleInsider notes that…

 “The iPhone’s major competion comes in the form of Android devices, which because of their shared platform have to compete on either cost or hardware features, reducing profit margins.”

Apple is set to reveal and announce their June quarter financial results on July 21st, which will happen in a typical conference call, and is scheduled for 5 p.m. Eastern time. Apple executives will share all sorts of results with analyst, investors, and media, and we’ll be sure to let you know all the information that comes out.

Source info: AppleInsiderThe Wall Street Journal