iOS 5 vs iOS 6

Another keynote brings another iPhone and that means the latest iteration of iOS is on its way! It would take all day to go through every one of the over 200 new additions the latest version of Apple’s mobile OS has in store for us, so over at we put our heads together and came up with a shortlist of the most important advances iOS 6 brings over iOS 5.

Apple Maps:

The headline new inclusion in iOS 6 is Apple’s brand new Maps system. Apple have finally taken the leap from relying on third-party maps, as they did in iOS 5, to building their own map app from the ground up. This means that the new maps in iOS 6 can offer unprecedented integration with other systems, most notably Siri. With location-based searches and turn-by-turn navigation, in iOS 6 you’ll be able to ask Siri to find you a restaurant, then direct you there, too.

As you’d expect from Apple, the new app has been designed to be beautiful as well as functional. The maps are vector-based, so they’ll remain sharp and clear even as you zoom in close and pan around, and there’s also the stunning Flyover feature, which lets you take a 3D spin around some metropolitan areas in high definition.

Advanced Siri:

Siri was always intended as an evolutionary piece of software and evolve it has in iOS 6. The intelligent assistant will be receiving a range of new capabilities. First up, there’s good news for iPhone users outside the US, as local searches are going international. This key functionality has been absent for iPhone users in many countries since Siri was first launched last year, so its widened availability will surely be welcome news for many.

Siri’s range of understanding has also been widely expanded, so the software will now be able to interpret and respond to questions on topics as diverse as local sports statistics and the hottest new cinema releases.

Oh, and owners of the new iPad who upgrade from iOS 5 to iOS 6 will also be getting a taste of Siri for the first time.


A brand new feature for iOS 6 is Passbook, Apple’s new digital ticket service. Passbook lets you rid yourself of a whole range of wallet and pocket clutter by storing everything from concert and cinema tickets to flight boarding passes right on your phone. You can then scan your phone to get into the concert, board the plane or whatever else you used to use paper tickets for.

As an added bonus, Passbook can provide real-time updates to our tickets and events so if your flight is moved to another terminal, Passbook can let you know in advance and tell you where you need to be.

Calls and Facetime:

iOS 6 will also bring intuitive enhancements to the basic calling features of the iPhone. When an incoming call is declined, users can now choose to immediately reply with a text message or set themselves a reminder to call back later. Text messages can be selected from a range of templates for when you only have a second free.

There’s not much to say about the latest addition to Facetime – you can now use the service through mobile networks. It’s a small addition but one that’s been requested since the debut of Facetime, so it’s bound to be well received.

Facebook Integration:

With iOS 6, you’ll be able to share with your Facebook friends more easily than ever before. The latest iOS will offer deep integration of Facebook into the iPhone and iPad’s interface. This will allow users to share from within applications, like posting a picture up straight from your camera app or your location from the maps app.

Because Facebook can be accessed from all of your apps, you only need to log in once to share anything you like. Siri has also been updated, so you can ask the intelligent assistant to update your status for you.

And more…

That’s just a taster of the key features and improvements that iOS 6 brings. There’s also a redesigned email application, updates to the Safari browser and much more besides. iOS 6 is compatible with every iPhone from the 3GS to the iPhone 5 as well as the two latest iPads, so if you have a compatible device, give it a try on launch day and let us know what you think of the new features.

  • Chigler

    U didn’t compare them at all

    • armandolara94

      Well there’s nothing to compare.. iOS 6 has everything iOS 5 has, PLUS new features..

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