Apple To Help With New ‘E-SIM’ Card?


 Recently, new information surfaced about Apple joining and helping other big name carrier companies. Apple is also noted to be partnering up with Samsung to help make this new “e-SIM” standard that is said to replace current SIM cards, which will help customers sign up for better or new data plans with more ease.

On Thursday, it was reported by the Financial Times that GSMA will represent carriers worldwide. In addition, Apple and Samsung will join a list of other big carriers and will be apart of the move. However, once the standard finalization is complete, it is noted that it could take up to a year before devices are equipped with the new e-SIM card.

Moreover, this mean that an embedded SIM card won’t be in this year’s iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. According to AppleInsider, sources say that Apple was strongly considering shipping the new line of iPhones with their own Apple SIM card, and with that noted, the publication site tells us that…

“The Apple SIM was introduced in the iPad Air 2 last year, and allows consumers to sign up for mobile data plans from any participating carrier directly from the device’s Settings app.”

Courtesy of the Financial Times, they tell us that the new e-SIM standard shouldn’t replace the Apple SIM. But they do note that the Apple SIM could make an appearance in the iPhone 6s line. However, if the e-SIM standard meets expectations and is approved sooner, it could be possible to land in 2016 for the iPhone 7.

Peering back to AppleInsider, the source notes something interesting…

“Apple, meanwhile, has been expanding the availability and support for its Apple SIM, recently inking a deal with GigSky to offer iPad data plans in more than 90 countries and territories. With an Apple SIM and GigSky account, users can easily buy temporary, contract-free data plans while traveling internationally.”

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Source info: AppleInsider, Financial Times