Google’s Innovative Spotlight Stories App

Story Spotlight

Telling stories has been around as a past time hobby since the start of time and has evolved ever since; from oral, to paper, to the big screen and now for your iPhone. Google’s Spotlight Stories app has already been released for Android, but users with 8.0 and later with an iPhone or iPad can now enjoy the features of 3d and 2d, 360-degree spherical cinema-quality with sound sphere audio, and sensor fusion techniques to bring forth a truly immersive storytelling experience. This app has been released free of charge, though if it will remain that way is uncertain.

So far, only short stories have been released, like ‘Help’, which is directed by Justin Lin [Fast and Furious, Fast and Furious 6].  Though, it would be wonderful to see Google do future releases of books into animation that will allow not only for users to read along with their favorite story, but actually watch their favorite scenes from the book come to life in 3d. While this app is amazing, it’s not perfect and still needs to be refined around the edges, as users will, or may, experience lag or jerky motions as they try to explore around their environment. Hopefully, Google will be able to fix these issues later down the line. Until then, you can download this free 16 mb app at the Apple iTune store here: Google Spotlight Stories.