Chrome Update For iOS Gets Physical Web

Chrome Update

The latest update for Google’s Chrome for iOS now features the Physical Web. What is the Physical Web? According to the Physical Web’s website, it’s: 

…an approach to unleash the core superpower of the web: interaction on demand. People should be able to walk up to any smart device – a vending machine, a poster, a toy, a bus stop, a rental car – and not have to download an app first. Everything should be just a tap away.

The Physical Web is not shipping yet nor is it a Google product. This is an experimental project and we’re developing it out in the open as we do all things related to the web.


The Physical Web has big plans for the internet and the future with its open source technology that will allow web users of smartphone devices to connect and interact with the environment around them. As long as the smart device has a URL, the company says that the Physical Web will be able to offer its users the convenience of:

  • A cat collar can let you call to find the owner
  • A bus can tell you its next stop
  • A parking meters can pay in the cloud
  • Any store, no matter how small, can offer an online experience when you walk in
  • A shared car service can broadcast a signup page, allowing you to immediately drive away
  • Industrial equipment can offer diagnostics



This technology is made possible by using a Low Energy Bluetooth beacon that can send and receive data to the Physical Web onto Chrome. For example, if a bakery had a beacon, they could upload their latest sales prices to their beacon which would allow the Physical Web to send it to Chrome’s browser, which would allow the user to explore the content without having to download an app to check for sales for said bakery.

To download the latest version of Chrome with its Physical Web and new swipe to navigate update, go here: Chrome Browser App.

To learn more about how beacons work with the Physical Web, you can watch this helpful video by Bkon.