LUVVITT- Armor Case And Screen Protector


The LUVVITT ULTRA ARMOR Case and the LUVVITT – TEMPERED GLASS Screen Protector make an awesome dual in protecting your iPhone 6 from daily bumps, scratches and hard drops.

LUVVITT ULTRA ARMOR Case has dual layer back cover with all the right essentials for durable protection for your iPhone. This case has double layer and shock absorbing TPU core, as well as protective lips which is design with tiny nubs on the corners to elevate the back of the case, this help to prevent scratches. Each cut-out allows easy access to all ports and buttons on the phone. The two piece case has a hard outer plastic shell, and the inner cover has a rubber protection, which pass the military test standard. The slim case offers 11 vibrant colors at for $19.99 and free shipping U.S. orders. offers this case in 14 vibrant colors starting at $9.99-$12.99.

LUVVITT- Screen Protector

LUVVITT TEMPERED GLASS Screen Protector for the iPhone 6, compliments the ULTRA ARMOR case very well, this crystal clear glass screen protector is perfect for keeping scratches and residue from your screen. The premium tempered HD glass screen protector is quality Japanese Asaki glass. This ultra high clarity screen protector has a glass hardness level of 9H+, with this level it is almost impossible to scratch. cost is $19.99 and free shipping for U.S. orders. offers one screen protector with an applicator for $14.95, and one without applicator for $12.99, free shipping for orders $35.00 and over.