How To Fix The iPhone’s Push Notification Problem

iPhone Push Notification

Some people have been having problems with Push Notifications when using their iPhone 4. Some encountered this issue when running iOS 5. Part of the problem is that when they attempt to use third-party apps like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram they get a “Connect to iTunes to Use Push Notifications” message and it won’t fix itself even after connecting to iTunes. Well, there’s a simple fix to the problem.

Over on the Apple forums a user named MLSMYTH posted up a problem about constantly receiving the message that says “Connect to iTunes to Use Push Notifications” whenever they tried opening up applications on their iPhone 4 while using iOS 5.

Even after connecting to iTunes the problem persisted. All hope seemed lost for MLSMYTH and they had no idea how to fix the problem that pervaded into every single aspect of their smartphone usage.

Well, user JoeFromNashville, had a solution to the problem: roll back the update.

Joe states…

“I pulled down the list of backups and saw a bunch of previous backups of my old 4, which had the same name as my new 4s. Most of them were date stamped, but some were not. I chose the last backup with a timestamp, 10/4/11 and clicked restore. iTunes told me that there was a more recent backup with a timestamp for 10/11/11 and gave me the option to use it instead. That restore worked fine and my 4s is back to normal. And I no longer have issues with Push Notifications.”

According to Joe this problem could be more-so related to issues people have encountered with bad software or attempts at jail breaking the phone gone wrong.

Joe finishes off the post by saying…

“I’m guessing that many of us who are having the Push Notification issue have either run betas or had jailbroken phones at some point. Or maybe we just have corrupted backups for some reason that I can’t guess. Whatever the reason, I can only say that when I paid attention and made sure I recovered from a good backup that everything worked fine.”

What this means is that if you have a bad backup or running into the same sort of Push Notification problems, you can revert to a “good” or “clean” backup in an attempt to thwart the continued persistence of the Push Notification error.

The thread is full of useful info but for those having the “Push Notification” problem this is a solution well worth trying.