Comparing iPhone 6 Plus & Galaxy Note Edge

iPhone 6 Plus vs Galaxy Note Edge 2

Since Samsung is about to release their new iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus competitors, which will be in the form of the Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 Edge Plus, we thought to do a little comparison of the current phones since this won’t be apples and oranges, it will be Apple and Samsung.

New images have been leaked of the Galaxy Note 5 device, and someone did a comparison of the the Note 5 with the iPhone 6 Plus side-by-side in one of the pictures. The photo arrives from Android Headlines courtesy of Tech Times, which can be seen below.

iPhone 6 Plus vs Galaxy Note Edge 3

A Reddit users by the name Joelrtaveras did a nice thorough report on the the Galaxy Note 5 and S6 Edge Plus, which was after a Samsung representative gave a nice demo preview of the phones in a retail store. The user noted that the Galaxy Note 5 had a nice feel to it due to its tampered back, while the bigger one didn’t feel as great.

He also explained that both the phones displays were really good, but the AMOLED screen looked even better on the S6 Edge Plus. However, when the users got done with the screen he went on to the size, and compared the Note 5 to his iPhone 6 Plus, Tech Times notes some of it below…

“The user compared the Note 5 with his iPhone 6 Plus and claims Samsung’s phablet was slightly thicker than the 6 Plus but was both shorter in height and narrower in width and featured much better weight distribution. He noted the Note 5 wasn’t “awkwardly top heavy in comparison.” The above image shows the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus posing with the iPhone 6 Plus, and it also appears shorter and narrower than Apple’s offering.”

Furthermore, the Galaxy Note 5 will sport an auto eject S Pen that users will push-in to release the stylus, however the S6 Edge Plus will not ship with or support the S pen, you can read more below…

“The Galaxy Note 5 will also sport a new auto-eject S Pen that users will push in to release the stylus, and, unlike last year’s Galaxy Note Edge, the S6 Edge Plus will not ship with or support the S Pen. The phablet will retain the “Apps Edge” feature that debuted on the Note Edge, the user confirmed it will use the same swiping gestures from the right edge to launch Apps Edge as well as the People Edge software.”

The Comparison Of The iPhone 6 Plus & Galaxy Note Edge:

Looking over to Android Headlines, we see some pretty good statistics displayed in a chart that was in their comparison of the iPhone 6 Plus and Galaxy Note Edge, as seen below.

iPhone 6 Plus vs Galaxy Note Edge 4

iPhone 6 Plus vs Galaxy Note Edge 5

Looking over to the camera, Macworld breaks down a nice list of both phones specs and how they operate, and the video capture for the iPhone 6 Plus and the Galaxy Note Edge…

“We absolutely love the camera in the iPhone 6 Plus. The rear-facing offering is 8Mp, and has 1.5-micron pixels combined with an f/2.2 aperture and optical image stabilisation, resulting in sharp, bright photographs, even in low light. There’s also a dual-LED true-tone flash.”

“Video capabilities reach 1080p HD at 60fps, and 240fps slo-mo at 720p.”

“The front-facing camera is just 1.2Mp, though, which is not so good for selfie lovers. The front-facing camera in the Galaxy Note Edge is slightly better, at 3.7Mp and a Wide Selfie mode to include more of your surroundings.”

“The rear-facing camera is a brilliant 16Mp with optical image stabilisation, but it doesn’t boast those larger pixels.”

The overall verdict for most sites always say that the Galaxy Note Edge beats out the iPhone 6 Plus, but that’s their opinion, we won’t to know your opinion and what you think of the iPhone 6 Plus and the Galaxy Note 5? Sound off in the comments below which phone you think is better.

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