Specks New Cases For iPhone 6 & 6 Plus

Specks Inked Luxury Edition Cases

Popular iPhone case maker Speck debuted a new set of cases on august 13th, bringing the Inked Luxury Edition to their CandyShell lineup for the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. They offer up dual-layer design that combines a rigid plastic outer shell with rubber interior to help protect and shield users phone from any damaging mishaps.

According to Speck, the cases underwent a “highly technical” printing process to make sure each of the patterns on the cases were resistant to scratching and fading. They’re quite similar to Specks existing Inked CandyShell cases, but these particular ones offer more metallic colors, having eight different designs available, ranging from floral to geometric and ombre patterns, wrapping all the way around the case.

The Inked luxury Edition is also a compromise between protection and bulk, it’s not as thin and light as something like the Apple leather and Silicon cases, but at the same time don’t add too much weight to your phone, bringing a perfect balance.

These cases offer protection for the volume and power buttons in the form of rubber covers, and features a rubber lip that extends up and over on the edges, to protect the screen when laying down on any surfaces. It being slightly thicker also helps protect the protruding camera in the back of the phone, to prevent any scratches and damaging of the lenses.

The CandyShell Inked Luxury Edition case for the iPhone 6 is $39.95, and for the iPhone 6 Plus is $44.95. They are both currently available at Specks official website, as well as many other online and in-store tech stores.

Source info: MacRumors.com