Job Listing Details Siri Upgrades And More

siri 2

On Friday, Apple posted up a job opening showing that the company is looking to expand links between Apple Music and Siri, which is reported to be in the form of new voice commands.

The listing, which was discovered by publication site AppleInsider, tells us that Apple calls for Siri software engineering with a general interest in music. The person that Apple wants to hire is expected to “help extend Siri’s integration with Apple Music,” formerly by implementing natural language interaction and designing work flow that is seamless.

The publication site notes that the firm is looking for individuals who have a bachelor’s or master’s degree in computer science, and five years of experience or more in industry business. The description below that AppleInsider posted up shows the complete requirements.

“Candidates are required to have a bachelor’s or master’s degree in computer science, and five years of industry experience.”

The publication site notes that Siri integration is one of the several features that help distinguish Apple Music from other streaming/music services like Spotify and Rdio. A list of commands are already built-in, which span from basic playback option like cues, information and much more from separate databases. In addition, Siri will set standards and will prioritize popular albums when a user begins searching for common terms, like discovering which song topped charts on a certain day, or a specified year.

Nevertheless, we don’t know for sure if more features are already underway, new commands are said to arrive during 2016, but no given date or month was provided. However we will see new improvements that will bridge the gap between Siri’s upgrade with iOS 9, which will give Apple Music a redesigned graphical look, while AppleInsider¬†notes that it could appear for Android users and the Apple TV for the first time.

Source info: AppleInsider,