Buying A Waterproof Case For Your iPhone

underwater 3

How do you find that perfect or close to perfect waterproof case you need to safeguard your iPhone while at the beach, or on vacation?

Just because the season is about to change doesn’t mean the end of pools, beaches, or vacations. Whether you decide to get away to a nice warm hot spot with plenty of water, or you decide to hit a cold mountainous ski slope, you know your iPhone will be with you during this adventure, and you want that addition safeguard that all is well with your phone by your side. That means your phone should be protected from small accidental drops such as liquid spills, tub and toilet drops, as well as muddy hiking treks, and submergence in pools, lakes and deep ocean waters.

Some of the top important essentials to look for in picking the case you feel will protect your smartphone are listed Рthe most important thing to look for in a waterproof case, ask yourself is it seal proof? Seal proof means all sides, angles closed tightly when the case is locked or snap closed. Also during the test stage, check for water leakage, or if the screen is cloudy with moist buildup. Deep underwater protection should be up to at least two hours. You might not plan to spend two hours in the water, but more time is better than less. Look for  built-in-screen protector, easy access to the touchscreen, snow proof, dirt proof as well as making sure the safety strap is well secure, whether around your neck, wrist, or arm. High quality TPU and PU material will help guard against sudden drops, and bumps. Those who plan to capture those awesome pictures on your fun time, make sure the description states crystal clear for taking pictures and videos under water. Bon voyage!