Samsung Offers Users To Switch From iPhone

samsung and apple

Anyone participating in Samsung’s new program “Ultimate Test Drive,” which allows iPhone owners to try any of the company’s newest smartphones like the Galaxy Note 5, Galaxy S6 or the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus for 30 days, will receive $200 in perks when users make the initial switch from an iPhone to Samsung’s latest handsets.

Upon buying one of the phones mentioned above, switchers must head over to a Samsung promotional website, which Central Android reported. Once users have entered their email that they used in Test Drive, you will have to answer some survey questions, and provide details on your purchasing, which includes a photo of a receipt.

According to Central Android, we find that folks will receive $100 in the mail, while the other $100 comes in the form of Google Play credit, which is usable for books, videos, music and apps…

 “The manufacturer is offering buyers $100 in Google Play credit for purchasing, along with an extra $100 check if they traded in their iPhone to their carrier or retailer.”

To enter and qualify for the reward, folks must buy either a Galaxy Note 5, Galaxy S6 or the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus by December 31st, and submit their information by January 1st.

Samsung holds the largest share in the smartphone market, however they lost substantial ground in the past year due to the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. In addition, Samsung’s newest devices have been getting good reviews, but witnessed a botched launch when the company released the Galaxy S6, producing too many S6 units and didn’t meet the demand for the curved S6 Edge.

Samsung’s “Ultimate Test Drive” was announced last week, and is suspected by many that the company could counter some of the consumer interest Apple is bound to draw with their new smartphones. Speaking of Apple’s latest handsets, the company will unveil their iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus on September 9th, and will unveil other products during the event as well. Many folks wonder how Apple’s newest phones will do against Samsung’s, I guess we will have to wait and see.

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