Check Out These New Spigen iPhone 6s Cases

6s spigen case

 With the approaching date of Apple’s iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, many accessory companies have started manufacturing their cases for the new devices. The latest iPhone 6s case comes in the form of Spigen’s older cases, as well as some newer designs for Apple’s handsets.

Looking at a lot of leaked images and videos of the iPhone 6s we find that they didn’t grow that much, this means that quite a few of the current iPhone 6 cases should fit the new device with no hassle. Courtesy of 9To5Mac, we find a new rose gold color option for Spigen’s new cases, which is obviously supposed to match the new color for Apple’s flagship, as seen below.

6s spigen case 2

Looking over to the publication site, they bring out some interesting news detailing about Apple and their relationship with their third-party accessory makers, which the source explains…

“Apple never gives third-party accessory makers information on new products ahead of the general public. The company is cleverly reacting to the rumor mill that a new Rose Gold iPhone is coming, creating some clever marketing shots to encourage some free PR for their products. If it somehow turns out to be false, Spigen can quickly change their website after the fact.”

So with that said, if you want to get ahead of everyone else and get a nice case for your iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus, you can head on over to and snag some cases since they are half-off.

Source info: 9To5Mac,

  • iGadgetLady

    This is a great PR stunt and it appears as though it’s working very well! By th way that rose gold color case is hot!

    • Ethan42

      It does look pretty cool.