Protect Your iPhone With These Three Cases

clear three cases iPhone 6 1

 These cases that are clear and lightweight are sometimes a good choice compared to the big bulky cases. I say this since they’re light, easy to put away and are usually minimal in design, providing optional color choices to fit your needs.  

The three clear lightweight cases that I picked span from Ozaki O! Coat Jelly case, the Shumuri slim case and Spigen’s Liquid Crystal case, which use a simple look with a soft coating added to them. Although these cases aren’t made for heavy duty protection, it’s good to have reliable protection that shows off your iPhone 6 in style.

Without wasting anymore words, let’s jump straight into the specs of these cases.

Shumuri – The Slim Extra Case:

Shumuri case

Folks can enjoy the Shumuri case, which brings a slim look and nice smooth feel to it, while being simple in design. This case was made to be lightweight while being durable enough to withstand any bumps, scratches and any other small encounters.

The standard design that this case brings protects the bottom and sides of the iPhone, while complementing Apple’s work. Since all port and button are all accessible, folks can take pictures without any blurriness or hampering of the camera lens.

This case is available in color like red, white and black. You can get the Shumuri Slim Case from for $13.99.

Ozaki O! Coat 0.3 Jelly Case:

Ozaki 1

When I first saw this case I thought it wouldn’t do much, but to my surprise, the reviews said otherwise. Sporting a heavy translucent look gives your iPhone a haze-like texture, while revealing the sleek look of the iPhone 6. Although the case is 0.3 mm thin it provides a strong yet resistant coat to the phone, protecting it against a list of common occurrences like drops.

This case also protects the camera lens, while letting users take pictures. Adding on to protection, this case also includes a front screen protector and a Microfiber cloth, which will come in handy for laying your iPhone face down.

This case, the Ozaki O! Coat 3.0 Jelly, comes in a variety of colors like blue, pink, orange, white, black and many more. As of this writing, the case stands at a price of $20.99 at

Spigen Liquid Crystal Case:

Spigen liquid crystal case 1

 This brings us to the final case by Spigen. One of the most thinnest and light-weighing cases out there, Spigin claims that it will protect your iPhone from a list of daily encounters, whether that is true or not, it comes with a durable and flexible inner-material, which allows the case to retain its durable structure.

Speaking of material, the company notes that it is made out of the finest premium TPU that will fit your iPhone 6 without loosing its shape or form. This case also allows users to access all ports and buttons, while providing a nice responsive embossed volume button layout on the side, which makes adjusting your volume much easier.

The Liquid Crystal case doesn’t come in any other colors, leaving folks with the standard clear design. If this case seems good, you can get it for $11.99 at