Samsung Rivals Apple’s Watch With Gear S2

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Samsung recently came out with a new watch that has a rotating circular user interface. Their new smartwatch lineup tiers are the Gear S2, Gear S2 classic and the Gear S2 with 3G connectivity. Obviously, the company is responding to Apple’s three different Watches, but can they surpass them?

Doing some research, a lot of people seem to really like Samsung’s watch lineup. Surprisingly, many analysts and publication sites say that Samsung’s watches are outperforming Apple’s. To be honest, I haven’t payed close attention to Samsung’s new watches, and for folks out there that are like me, you can get a quick rundown of all their specks.

Doing a little comparison while telling what Samsung watch arrives with, folks will get premium built features that are easily changeable, like nice bands, sleek software heart rate tracking, fitness and much more. In addition, Apple Watch has a perfectly carved digital crown for zooming-in, scrolling and so on, while Samsung’s watch has a full rotating bezel that is seen on some traditional watches.

Some folks are calling the Gear S2’s Tizen operating system “revolutionary,” but that all depends on the person and their experience with the device. Doing extensive research and comparing the two, the precision on both smartwatches¬†seem to be pretty much on par when it comes to opening and closing apps, and performing other tasks while in use.

The Gear S2 watches feature a 1.2-inch Super AMOLED display with a resolution of 360 by 360 pixel coming in at 302 PPI. Putting that into perspective with Apple’s smartwatch, the iPhone makers wrist-worn gizmo has a 1.5-inch AMOLED display with a 312 by 390 pixel resolution around 326 PPI.

Something that is undeniable by both parties, whether you’re an Apple or Samsung fan, both have to come to terms that the Gear series battery life is better than Apple’s, which comes in at three days compared to Apple Watch’s 18-hours.

Something that should be noted, this is not an Android vs iOS battle, it’s actually a Tizen vs iOS battle. However, the Gear S2 series does work with Android smartphones, but downloadable Android apps are not supported since it’s running on Tizen. In addition, Apple’s watch is only compatible with newer iPhones and no other phone outside of Apple’s.

With all of that noted, you can check out a comparison video that Dom Esposito did on both the Apple Watch and Samsung’s new Watch, as seen below.

Let us know what you think of both watches, and which one seems like a better buy based on stats and quality in the comments below.

Source info: Samsung’s YouTube channel