Griffin Introduces Two New Survivor Cases

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Griffin just announced on September 3rd that two new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus cases joined their Survivor case lineup. They introduced the new Survivor Summit case and the Survivor Journey case that gives the ultimate safety and protection for users phones.

What do these two cases have to offer? Quite a bit, both come with screen protectors that serve as a stand and are both weatherproof, meaning it can shield away any dust, dirt, snow, rain, mud etc. But to break down some of the specs and give a quick overview of both new cases, we’ll start on the Survivor summit first.

The Survivor Summit is one of Griffin’s top most durable Survivor cases yet, featuring a compact built-in impact resistant rubber bumper that gives it an instant support and cushion for any falls and drops, which can withstand a 10-foot drop onto concrete without splitting and cracking. The Survivor summit is also slim enough to simply slide into pockets without causing too much bulge and bulk, and is also pretty easy to hold and soft on hands.

Survivor Summit Case

And what can the Survivor journey case all do? Not quite frankly as much as the Survivor Summit, it’s not as heavy-duty, tough and resistant, only because it is much more sleeker than the Survivor summit, but it does deliver decent protection to users phones. Such as its multiple layers that has rigid, shatterproof shell coating that can deflect and absorb a 6.6 foot drop on concrete, and an easy snap-on and off design that’s comfortable yet sturdy in hands.

Survivor Journey Case

If you’re considering the Survivor Summit case you can check it out on Griffins official website for $44.99 for the iPhone 6, and $59.99 for the iPhone 6 Plus, with a color choice of black/blue, black/clear, black and pink/gray.

And if you’re considering the Survivor Journey case, you can also go to Griffins official website for $29.99 for the iPhone 6, and $39.99 for the iPhone 6 Plus, with a color variety of black/blue, black/white, black/gray and pink/gray

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