Samsung Takes The Piss Out of iPhone 5 (Video)

Samsung has released a video version of their anti-iPhone 5 commercial.

The timing is commendable too: they literally released the video when iOS 6 launched at 10 AM PST. The footage itself mocks those waiting in queues for the iPhone 5.

Have a look below.

  • James Collins

    Video’s like this are the reason I will NEVER own an Android phone. They think the only way to get people away from iPhone is to mock it? Maybe from a school kid but this is 1 of the biggest electronics suppliers in the world! Jesus Christ grow the fuck up

  • Lame

    Funny if Samsung is so awesome how come you can get one sp easily… Lol work on your phones instead of trying to bash apple.

  • jalidav

    The fact is, the galaxy S3 is a better phone, the hardware is better as it boasts the quad core processor, the bigger screen etc, it doesn’t take a genius to see that, the people who pick iPhone over the Samsung are the ones stupid enough to fall for the brand marketing, seriously guys, check out the specs