Vena iSlide Case For iPhone 6 (4.7″)

Vena iSlide Case For iPhone 6

The Vena iSlide case for the iPhone 6 (4.7”), is a unique two piece design made out of durable polycarbonate with a soft rubber coated exterior. Its comfortable material is great for when holding your phone, as well as protecting it away from any dust, drops, dents and any other daily incidents.

Because of its practical two piece design, users can simply slide off the bottom piece of the case to charge or multimedia dock while still leaving the top piece intact. It’s also very easy to install and remove, without any hassle and pulling.

With its precise slim and stylish craftsmanship, it lifts and shields your device’s screen when being placed faced down on any surfaces, which protects it from any scratches and smudges from damaging the display. While only being 3.0 mm thin and only weighing 2.5 oz, it gives it very little minimal bulk, and compliments the essential look of your Apple iPhone 6.

You can find the Vena iSlide case in a variety of fashionable unique colors to fit your individual personality and style preference. Users have a choice of: Black, Champagne, gunmetal, italian rose, lavender, marsala and teal. If you’re considering purchasing this case it’s currently available at for $13.99 and free shipping, as well as many other online and in-store tech shops.

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