New Tweak Brings 3D Touch To Older iPhones

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If you’re not planning on getting the new iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus anytime soon but want 3D Touch, well you will be able to use the new feature on your older iPhones. Developer Elias Limneos is currently working on 3D Touch features in this new jailbreak.

Since 3D Touch requires new and special hardware that older iPhones don’t have, an upcoming app will simulate the features of 3D Touch. Sporting a reversed name of Apple’s 3D Touch, Touch 3D will add tap, hold and deep press gestures on the iPhone’s screen.

The developer, Limneos, posted a video on YouTube demonstrating how to use the tweak and all of its new features. In addition, the tweak is likely to features Activator support for customizing the invoking method for the pop-up shortcut menus. But, to reflect its similarities to the real 3D Touch, Touch 3D will let users long-press on apps to bring up shortcuts. You can check the video out below.

The developer is also working on another new feature that was inspired by Apple’s media event on Wednesday, which is Live Photos. If this project sounds interesting to you, we will let you know when both tweaks come out, so that you can keep your original iPhone while sporting the new iPhone 6s features.

Source info: Elias Limneos YouTube Channel