iOS 6 Passbooks Apps Now Available

Developers have already worked up apps for the brand feature called Passbook that was released with iOS 6.Passbook acts a sort of digital wallet that stores coupons, airplane tickets, loyalty cards and other types of digital coupons, instead of money. A user might use a store discount card, or an airplane ticket, by using passbook. Unfortunately the app didn’t come default with any kind of premade coupons or dummy tickets. Apps, like Target’s store app, are already being updated to support Passbook functionality.

Some of the apps that have Passbook support include Fandango Movies, Live Nation, Lufthansa, at bat, Sephora to Go, Ticketmaster and Walgreens. Other companies that support Passbook range from Starbucks and Target, to Delta Airlines.

Delta is only one among the three that support Pass Book; there is also American Airlines and United Airlines. An update to OS X Mountain Lion to 10.8.2 today allows mac users to add passes to Passbook through main and Safari.