Pipes, Customizable News App Coming Soon For iOS 9 Devices

With iOS 9 making waves in the media and new apps planned for release on the operating system for Apple’s iPhone devices, iPads and Apple Watches, one company wants to get ahead of the curve with their custom-tailored news app called Pipes.

The app comes from Pied Piper Labs and is designed to give mobile device users something significant to latch onto in the news sphere – content tailored to the reader’s tastes.

As mentioned on the official website…

“Pipes understands users consumption pattern and tailors news based on that. Packed with fantastic designs & elements to make for a great user experience; Pipes promises to be a perfect product to explore and consume news that really matters to you.”

There’s a brief 90 second demonstration video to give you an idea of what Pipes features and how it works, which you can check out below.

The whole point of Pipes is that it opens up a door of media content so you can see what’s trending, what’s popular or what specifically interests you.

You can have Pipes recommend popular reading material for you or add a specific topic to the feed. This means that if you only want news about the Republican Primaries, you can do that. If you only want news about Hillary Clinton, you can do that too. If you only want to know what’s happening within the economy of China, you can add that topic to your list.

It’s a little like a personalized version of The Needs but with the added bonus of an offline Pipeball that allows you to play a Flappy Bird style clone if the net is down or you can’t get service.

You can learn more about Pipes or sign-up for the newsletter to receive a news alert about when the app will be available for iPhones, iPads and Apple Watches by paying a visit to the official Pipes website.