3D Printed Ring Case For iPhone 6

3D Printed Ring Case for iPhone 6

Industrial designer David Tsai created a unique yet practical 3D printed case for the iPhone 6, which brings good protection and aesthetics, as well as enhancing the ease of carrying the phone itself.

The case was entirely made of 3D printed Nylon, and was produced using only an SLS machine through an online engineering and delivery company named Object Theory, which produced the smooth slender layout for the case. Tsai explained his reasoning and purpose for creating the unique shaped phone case in an interview with 3D Print, saying:

“Adding the ring component to the case was pretty straight forward, however, because the ring covers the power button, I had to design a small button within the ring to access the power/wake up button. The main idea behind the Ring case was how to hold the iPhone so that the hand is still free to do or hold other things. Additionally, the ring also allows the iPhone to be easily clipped on to a backpack, worn on a necklace or pinned up on a wall.”

Not only does it make it easier to carry, the ring addition makes it harder to drop, which also makes it harder to lose. It also acts as a mechanism for securing users phone against theft, since it can clip to a garment, a bag, or backpack as Tsai mentioned in the interview with 3D Print.

You can currently purchase the 3D printed ring case at Shapeways official website for $36.00, with a variety of colors of white, blue, purple, red, pink, yellow, green and orange.

Source info: 3DPrint.com