Rumor Claims That Apple Is Working On Waterproof iPhone 7

iPhone-7 2

Citing a post from Weibo and Mac Otakara, the two sources noted that the iPhone 7 will feature a waterproof design. Both sources also noted that the iPhone 7 will be dust-proof and that it will have a non-metal chassis.

The post on Weibo claims that Apple is working on a waterproof deign that will shield the phone from any type of moisture. This coincides with a recent patent that Apple filed for, which explains a design that enhances moisture resistance and blocks any type of water forming on any electrical components.

In addition, the post on Weibo also claims that Apple will move away from the all-aluminum chassis, a design first introduced back in 2012 with the iPhone 5. Apple’s first handsets were aluminum, while the second generation included a strong polycarbonate shell. The iPhone 4 and 4s sported a glass-backed polycarbonate shell, while the iPhone 5 through 6s went back to the aluminum design.

Finally, Mac Otakara gathered information from their own sources and noted that the iPhone 7 will adopt a flat LCD display, which is suppose to be Incorporated into the smartphone’s cover glass. While all iPhone units incorporated flat LCD arrays, the iPhone 6 brought a protective cover glass with curved edges for facilitating swipe gestures from off-screen.

Source info: WeiboMac Otakara, USPTO