Protect Your iPhone 6s With Caseco’s Lucent Clear Case

Lucent Clear Shield

Show off your brand new iPhone 6s with Caseco’s Lucent clear shield. This case reveals Apple’s quality smartphone, while protecting the phone from dangerous side-drops. The case also features a more vibrant tone to your music or sound, due to a precise cut-out at the bottom.

The Lucent Clear Shield case by Caseco is made with precise engineering, which offers some decent protection and style. The shock absorbing rubber encasement on the edges of the case offers durable protection against the dreaded side-drops. However, the back and front of the case doesn’t offer the same amount as the sides.

Though the case is clear on the back, this allows you to show off Apple’s latest iPhone 6s design and the Apple logo. Moreover, the rubberized sides offer a nice texture that’s soft in hands. The texture also adds a nice grip so that your phone won’t slide all over the place on smooth surfaces. The case also features small round bumps on the lower side of the case, offering even more traction so you won’t drop your phone.

Lucent Clear Shield 2

The Lucent case also sports raised lips and edges around the screen, so when your phone is facing down it’ll be protected against scratches. The case also offers a sound enhancing slot that directs sound straight to users. This means you won’t have to struggle to hear your phone, even in noisy environments and places.

Lastly, this case is good for those that fear dropping their phone on its sides a lot, and it is good for those that like access to all ports and buttons on the iPhone. In addition, the sides protect well, but the front and back don’t provide the best protection against drops and falls.

This case is available in black, blue, navy, orange, purple, and red. You can get this case from Caseco’s main site for $24.99.