Protect Your iPhone 6s From Water With LifeProof’s FRĒ Case

lifeproof-fre iphone 6s case

Live outside the box with the FRĒ iPhone 6s case from LifeProof. Any adrenaline-filled adventure you go on, you can take your iPhone with you and not have to worry about anything happening to your phone. This case also provides 360 degree protection and solid waterproof durability against six feet of water for an hour.

LifeProof brings their newest iPhone 6s case the FRĒ. This case is designed for the original iPhone 6 series and provides 360 degree protection, and offers a scratch resistant frame. It also protects your iPhone against water, this means you can swim with it, or take it by the pool and not have to worry about water getting in or on it.

In addition, the company tested the case and found that it can survive up to six feet of water or two meters up to one hour of submersion time. The case also features a screen protector that deflects incoming scratches, dings and other small things that could scratch your iPhone’s screen.

The FRĒ case also protects your iPhone from dirt, snow, ice and can withstand up to six feet of falling on any tough surface, which offers reliable protection to your iPhone 6s or the original iPhone 6.

The design of this case offers users access to all ports and buttons, making it a very useful case. In addition, the case also grants access to the camera for everyday photo taking. LifeProof also designed the case to be strong yet slim, this makes it even better for accessing buttons on a trimmed down case, or for taking picture since it isn’t a big bulky case.

You can also check out the FRĒ case in action in LifeProof’s iPhone 6 and 6s commercial, courtesy of their main site.

If this case sounds interesting to you, folks can pre-order LifeProof’s FRĒ case for the iPhone 6 or 6s for $79.99, courtesy of The case also comes in a variety of colors like: black, white, gray, blue, pink and purple.