Create Graphic Designs With Pixite’s Assembly App For iOS Devices

Assembly app

Assembly the app is one of the most powerful snap and graphic design tools on the App Store. Nearly anything you can think of can be created using this beautiful app, which includes logos, characters, icons, scenes or whatever comes to mind with its professional grade level tools.

A favorite app among many, this powerful editing tool app by Pixite brings graphic design to a new level. Assembly the app for iOS devices provides pre-made shapes to create vector images that can be exported for use in other projects, making it very handy.

This app also lets you mix multiple shapes together and combine colors and textures while moving them around. In addition, this app comes with quality grade tools that can help you create t-shirt designs, posters or anything that graphically needs to be done.

Assembly the app also lets you scroll through and use a list of shapes that easily snap together to create nearly anything you can think of. This app also lets you zoom into the art-board for close detailed artwork. It also features Smart, which helps you guide shapes and position them the way you want anywhere on the art-board.

Assembly the app features:

  • Over 180 shapes included
  • Even more themed shapes packs available in the in-app store
  •  Smart snapping for easy shape placement
  • Multi-select and grouping
  • Copy, flip and rotate shapes and groups
  • Fill, stroke and shadow options
  • 20 pre-made color palettes
  • Custom color palettes
  • Eyedropper color tool
  • Use colored or photo backgrounds
  • JPEG and PNG output up to 4,096 x 4,096 pixels
  • Save as transparent PNG
  • SVG vector output
  • Assembly project file output
  • Sync projects across devices with iCloud
  • 15 easy to follow tutorials
  • Continuously updated Inspirations section.

You can get Assembly the app for $2.99 in the App Store.