Shield Your iPhone 6 & 6 Plus With The Nodea Metal Square Case

Nodea Metal Square Case

The Nodea Metal Square case is sleek, modern and luxurious. Adding class and sophistication to users phones while delivering protection, durability and reliability. It’s elegant, strong and dependable, perfect for everyday, anywhere and anytime.

Offering an exterior of premium PU leather covers and a bold metallic crosshatch texture, gives the case an outstanding chic finish. Featuring a front flip cover design that can open and close, delivers a protective shield against the phone’s delicate screen, while the polycarbonate edges protect the phone’s vulnerable edges.

Nodea Case for iPhone 6

The Nodea Metal Square case also offers an interior card pocket holder with small stitch detailing, which can be used for ID cards, credit cards, business cards, and any other type of card that can conveniently fit in perfectly. Not only does it work well as a wallet and offers great protection, it’s also comfortable to hold and easy to put on and off with little to no effort, giving you no hassle, no pulling, and no drama.

This case is only compatible and designed for the iPhone 6 & 6 Plus, and only comes in three color choices which is brown, purple and teal. If you’re interested in purchasing, you can check this case out on where it’s currently available for $15.99 with free shipping.

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