Apple’s New Patent Reveals Wireless Charging

wireless charging

 When a new patent comes up by Apple and shows something useful or beneficial for us users, it seems like something to get excited over. With that said, Apple’s newest patent reveals a new inductive charging mechanism to charge newer and older iPhones without any extra hardware.

In addition, this means that not only will the company be able to include wireless charging into newer iPhones while making them thinner — since there is no extra internal charging parts that would be needed — but Apple might also be able to enable this feature on older iPhones, iPads and iPod Touch devices.

According to AppleInsider who received this information from the USPTO, the source notes that the proposed technology takes advantage of electric coils found in speakers, microphones and haptic engines to turn them into electricity, which would start the process of wireless charging.

Doing some research, the patent seems to suggest that Apple could introduce this feature to more products in its lineup that have these components, not just iOS devices, if certain requirements are met correctly.

Lastly, like any other patent, there’s no guarantee that the company will use this wireless charging tech in the future. However, this new patent does reveal Apple’s interest in wireless charging tech to its devices without compromising on design, which seems pretty interesting.

Source info: AppleInsider, USPTO