Ringke Fusion Case For iPhone 6 & 6 Plus

Ringke Fusion Case For iPhone 6 & 6 Plus

The Ringke Fusion case is the world’s clearest and hardest hybrid case yet. Made with an anti-scratch coated PC back and a transparent background, provides awesome protection and a crisp view of the device.

The case features a tapered lip and lifted camera bezel that raises your phone to a comfortable height off from any surfaces, keeping the phone safe, secure, and shielded. The Ringke Fusion case also features a TPU cushion, which absorbs and holds shock to keep your phone protected from any drops, falls and bumps and any other daily accidents.

The case also helps the responsiveness of your phones buttons, while still keeping a slim design with full access to all functions, ports, and buttons for easy everyday usage. The case also comes with an attached dust cap that can open and close to keep out any little dust particles from entering into users phones. All users have to do is simply fit the bump on the cap into the hole in the case and close securely, and their phone is ready to go, with no more tiny annoying dust getting in your phone.

The Ringke Fusion case is currently available at Accessory Geeks for $11.99 with free shipping and handling, as well as many other online and in-store tech shops. For more details about the Ringke Fusion case you can visit Accessory Geeks official website for more information.

Source info: AccessoryGeeks.com