Second-Generation Apple Watch Coming Soon

AW apple watch iPhone 6 2

Apple is expecting to launch Apple Watch 2 around mid-to late 2016. Look for enhancements in the battery area, as well as screen clarity, and rumored to be less reliant on the iPhone.

Talk is Apple will make some changes with the battery area for the upcoming second-generation Apple Watch, this improvement will help in a longer battery life, with that said, hopefully users can benefit from battery enhancement for sleep tracking. This way users can wear the Apple Watch to bed, and get accurate stats about their sleeping pattern while sleeping. As of now, the Apple Watch must be charged daily. Rumor also has it that Apple is collaborating with LG and Samsung to enhance the screen by producing a thinner OLED display, as well as improving screen clarity.

Another bit of information spreading is the Apple Watch 2 could sport FaceTime video camera, this feature would allow users to make and receive FaceTime calls from their Apple Watch. Another possible feature in the Apple Watch 2 could be the new wireless chipset, this would allow more independence for the Apple Watch 2 and less reliability on a paired iPhone. This feature could allow basic tasks such as: text messaging, emailing, and weather data updates from the watch. Other changes could be a less chunky design, an option of a round face as well as rumored built-in GPS. As rumor information surface, and time nears closer to the new year, we will keep you updated on the current information regarding the upcoming Apple Watch 2.

Source Info: , Techradar