Pipes Launches For iPhones And iPads


Human interest news stories and content just got a lot easier to find for those who want curated content specifically tailored to their interests. A new app for Apple’s mobile devices called Pipes has recently landed on the iTunes app store.

The general gist of the app is explained in the media press kit…

“Pipes is a product that provides users with personalised content for consumption. Instead of providing the users with content they may or may not be interested in, Pipes algorithmically understands users consumption patterns & tailors News based on that.”

Not only does Pipes curate what content you see based on an algorithm tuned to your interests in pop-culture, entertainment, politics, technology and world news, but it also allows users to see small snippets of the article information to get an idea of what the actual article is about before they proceed to click through to the link.

There are also push notifications, so you can stay up to date and informed about the latest news you care about, as well as a wide range of topics to choose from, spanning the likes of 2 million different news items.

Pipes is basically designed to evolve the newsreader module, giving mobile phone and tablet users an easy way to digest and consume the topics they care about spanning the categories they’re interested in.

There have been plenty of other apps along the way to help with aggregating news and helping filtrate what sort of topics users come across, but Pipes is basically aiming to coalesce all of the previous elements that made newsreaders in the past successful, into one up-to-date app that gives you everything you need in one place.

Easy to navigate news slices with images are present, along with categorized topics so it’s easy to find exactly what you’re looking for when you’re looking for it. You can download the app right now, for free, from over on the iTunes app store.