Badland App Game Updated With 3D Touch Support

badlands game app 2

 Badland by Frogmind is a survival puzzle game with a nice twist to it. However, the popular flying survival game received an update with 3D Touch support. This allows folks using the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus to quickly access the built-in editor and do much more.

Fans of Badland can now use 3D Touch on their iPhone 6s and 6s Plus to quickly access built-in features like the editor and much more. This also adds a list of new interactions and lets you jump straight into the game’s campaign from the Home screen.

In addition, 3D Touch brings new puzzles with 3D Touch and adds new force objects. These new force objects can only be accessed through the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus level editor, and can be utilized by the new Force Object tool.

You can also share player-generated levels across Badland’s community and even download other levels that players made. Speaking of level designing, FrogmindGames posted up a video showing how the editor works, as seen below.

Badland 3.1 changelog now includes:

  • Eternal Day Game Center leaderboards now work properly
  • Labels and fillers can now be set to be drawn either behind or on top of everything
  • Non-player Clones added to levels are now able to pickup power-ups
  • Lots of fixes and improvements in the editor based on your feedback
  • iPhone 4 does not crash anymore in editor
  • Improved iPad mini 4 performance
  • 3D Touch support.

You can get this app for 3.99 in the App Store.