Fashion Your iPhone 6 & 6s With Tory Burch Patchwork Mini Bag Case

Tory Burch Bag case

Fashion your iPhone 6 and 6s in style, with the new Tory Burch Patchwork Mini Bag case. Crafted of flexible silicon leather and a 22-inch chain-and-leather cross body strap, this chic little case can go wherever you go.

The Patchwork Mini Bag case is a playful way to dress up your iPhone 6 and 6s. Because it gives  a similar and inspired design of a handbag, it gives a touch of style, fun and personality, definitely adding a flare to consumers phones. Depending on the user’s preference, you can now carry your iPhone either in your hand, on your shoulder, or across your shoulder, to prevent from loosing or dropping your iPhone.

Not only does it make your phone a little more stylish and convenient, it’s also easy and fast to put on and off your device, due to its pliable, durable material, giving less hassle to users trying to place and take off their cases.

Tory Burch Case

For a limited time you can get the Tory Burch Patchwork Mini Bag case for $95.00 with free standard shipping and free returns at Tory Burch official website. For more details about the case, you can check out her main website for more information.

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