JP Morgan Predicts iPhone 7’s A10 Chip Will Be Handled By TSMC

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 Publication site UDN recently cited JP Morgan saying that Samsung will be left out of the manufacturing loop, and that TSMC will produce 100% of all the new iPhone 7’s A10 chips for 2016.

The latest rumor that surfaced about the iPhone 7 comes from UDN, which cited JP Morgan saying that TSMC will manufacture all A10 chips for 2016 instead of Samsung. As of now, both Samsung and TSMC are supplying Apple with the current A9 and A9X processors for their devices.

You can read what UDN had noted JP Morgan saying, courtesy of Google Translate.

“JP Morgan Securities predicts that next year will be TSMC Apple A10 won 100% of the order, plus Recent market testing Apple iPhone 6s found TSMC processor outperformed Samsung, news and more on TSMC greatly beneficial.”

After reading UDN’s full report, it seemed like a biased prediction. By the time the A10 chip is designed, processes and procedures could change at both Samsung and TSMC manufacturing sites, leading to either or working on it, or how they’re doing it now.

Sometimes it’s best to take these reports with a grain of salt. In addition, if these rumors do hold any truth to them, then we could see the A10 chips made with TSMC’s inFO architecture. Since it’s still early with these rumors, we won’t know for sure at this point if JP Morgan’s predictions are true, so I guess we’ll have to wait and see. However, we’ll be sure to keep you updated when solid news surfaces about the iPhone 7 or the A10 chips.

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