Snugg-iPhone Wallet And Pouch Cases

Snugg - Wallet case

The Snugg  PU leather wallet/flip cases, and the PU leather pouches are designed to give a sturdy supportive hold and protection for iPhone users smartphone.

The company Snugg makes high quality stylish products, which are designed to fit and protect iPhone users products. Snugg’s wallet also known as flip case, is made of a resilient PU leather on the exterior, and soft nubuck fiber in the inside to guard against minimizing scuff and scratches to the screen. This case has three handy internal compartments: there are two card slots, and one larger hidden pocket. These compartments are good for storing credit cards, business cards, or other information you might want to have easy access to. This thin case makes it easy for you to have quick access to all ports, buttons, and cameras. The magnetic clasp on the front of the case, is easy to open and close. This case can easily convert into a built-in stand allowing you to view videos, or read using multiple viewing angles. These leather wallet/flip cases are suitable for 6-6s Plus iPhones. Snugg offers a lifetime guarantee when you register your product with Snugg company. 

Snugg -pouch case

The Snugg PU leather pouch cases are designed to offer style, protection and easy access for daily usage. Once again, Snugg offers a soft interior made from soft nubuck fiber, which assist in guarding your screen from unnecessary scratches. The sturdy fit offers a supportive hold, as well as an elastic strap on the back of the pouch for that added protection. The strap has a magnetic tip which easily springs back into place, while still making removing the phone smooth and easy. A handy card slot has been provided on the back of the pouch as well. These leather pouches are suitable for the iPhone 6-6s Plus. offers 12 different colors, with pricing ranging from $9.99-17.99. Once again, free shipping within the United States. also offers Snugg iPhone pouches, prices starting at $9.99-17.99.