New Jailbreak Tweak List Provides Free Tweaks And Updates

pangu iOS 9

This new list of different jailbreak tweaks offers both free tweaks and updated version of some of the original jailbreak tweaks. This includes the brand new jailbreak by Ryan Petrich, which is Activator. There are also other popular jailbreak tweaks like Forcy, BreadCrumbsAway and much more. This list should help those out who want to build their jailbreak library with good tweaks.

Over 15 different jailbreak tweaks were compiled together for your selection. Each tweak brings something different to the table, which adds something useful to your jailbroken phone, like quick access to certain apps, 3D Touch to non-iPhone 6s and 6s Plus devices and much more.

You can check out the list below:

  • Activator: Adds shortcuts and 3D Touch gestures and more (free). 
  • AppPlus for Snapchat: Brings a bunch of enhancements to Snapchat (free).
  • BreadcrumbsAway: Removes iOS 9’s “Back to App” link (free).
  • CleanAMRC: Customize AMRC Reddit client (free).
  • DisableRTL: Simply disable the right to left layout in iOS 9 (free).
  • EasyRespring: This lets you easily respring from the App Switcher screen (free).
  • Enable Left Spotlight: Spotlight moves to the for left on iPhone 4s (free).
  • EnableLivePhotos: Live Photos are now usable on older iOS devices (free).
  • Forcy: Brings 3D Touch gestures to older devices running iOS 9 (free).
  • HideIgnoredUpgrades: Hide ignored upgrades in Cydia (free).
  • HideSettings Search: The search feature is hidden in Settings (free).
  • NewsOfTheWorld: Apple News app becomes available around the world (free).
  • NoMoreMoments: The Moments tab in Twitter app is removed (free).
  • RevealMenu: Almost like Forcy, brings some 3D Touch feature to older iOS devices (free).
  • RevealNV 9: Swipe animation inspired by Android devices for Notification Center (free).
  • SharePro: Adds a floating Share button on your screen (free).
  • ShowALLChanges: All changes in Cydia are shown (free).
  • SpotlightBeGone: Spotlight becomes disabled (free).
  • SwitcherBadges: Brings badges to apps in the App Switcher (free).
  • Wallpapgur: Any wallpaper from Imgur rotates randomly (free).
  • WAQuickReply Enabler: Helps enable native Quick Reply on WhatsApp (free).
  • Xenok: Customize and add content on the Springboard (free).

If you have some tweaks that we missed or some that are really good, feel free to post them up in the comments section below.