New Tech21 Evo Mesh Sport Case For iPhone 6 Plus & 6s Plus

The New Tech21 Evo Mesh Sport Case For iPhone 6 Plus & 6s Plus

Extremely thin, lightweight and durable, Tech21’s new Evo Mesh sport case for the iPhone 6 Plus and 6s Plus brings the next level in providing awesome protection.

Featuring flexShock and advanced impact protection, it can withstand up to a 6.6 foot fall and still be protected from any scratches, cracks and shatters, while keeping it intact and still working strong. Because it’s super lightweight and ultra thin, it gives users a super easy and functional experience when holding their iPhone, without any uncomfortable or awkward holding, which can cause the phone to appear bigger and bulkier then need be.

Not only does it feature great protection and comfortability, it also has exceptional high quality materials, that adds cushion and softness when using your iPhone. Because of this essential element, it also absorbs, blocks and stops impact force from passing and damaging users iPhones, keeping it shielded, safe and secure.

If your interested in purchasing the Tech21 Evo Mesh Sport case, it is currently available in five color varieties, which is: White, blue, black, green and pink, and sold at Apple’s official website for $39.95 with free shipping.

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