iPhone 6s & 6s Plus Preorders Sell Out In South Korea In 30 Minutes

iPhone 6s1

In recent news, Apple’s newest smartphone, the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, preorders sold within minutes on Monday at the country’s three major cellphone carriers, setting a blockbuster pace ahead of Friday’s official launch.

One of the top companies, KT, topped 10,000 orders within a minute and closed applications less than 10 minutes later after 50,000 preorder units were claimed, which was reported by Yonhap. Moreover, LG Uplus also halted preorders around five minutes.

SK Telecom took a little longer to end their preorders, shutting them down after 30 minutes. According to the publication site, the company declined to say how many units it recorded, but market watchers noted by the source estimate the figure to be around 50,000. KT opened up a another reservations later in the day, but didn’t comment on performance.

Although preorders were scheduled for last week, they were delayed without a given clue, setting the new iPhones to launch in South Korea on Friday, October 23rd. Furthermore, the iPhone is a popular device over in the region, in spite of two of the company’s biggest rivals — LG and Samsung — being located in the country.

Speaking of Apple’s rivals, Samsung will cut the Galaxy S6 to 799,700 won (which would be $709), while preparing a pink gold color option to rival Apple’s rose gold. Looking over to LG, the company just launched their V10 phone for 799,700 won, which Yonhap noted is a rare thing to do in a market where flagship phones usually start over 800,000 won.

Source info: Yonhap news.com