New Fuz Sleek Protective Felt Case For iPhone 6, 6 Plus & 6s

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Protect your case in style, with the new Fuz Sleek Protective Felt case for the iPhone 6, 6s and 6 Plus. This case gives a premium look and feel, making it easier to handle, soft on hands, and protects your iPhone from everyday mishaps.

Being less than 2mm thin, with two layers worth of protection, it’s designed to complement and enhance the iPhone 6s naturally thin profile. Bringing comfort, ease and function, the case doesn’t add any type of bulkiness to your iPhone. This case also allows owners to use, enjoy and get the max out of their smartphone, making every day a little bit easier.

The case also features drop protection, and a thermoplastic urethane inner layer to protect, shield, and block any type of falls or drops, even if it they are big or small.

If your interested in purchasing the Fuz Sleek Protective Felt case, it is currently available at for $34.60 with free shipping and free returns. For more information about the case, you can visit Jet’s official website for more details.

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