iPhone 5 Consumers Slammed by Shipping Notification Scam

Consumers anxiously waiting to get their hands on Apple’s new iPhone 5 are being targeted by email scammers, Websense Security Labs has warned. Preorder tallies number in the millions and the potential of email scammers has increased dramatically.

Elad Sharf, who is the senior security researcher at Websense, stated that customers purchasing the iPhone 5 should not let their excitement about the device cloud their online judgement and had the following to say regarding the subject:

The iPhone 5 is potentially the most popular handset of all time. This huge interest means that people are understandably very keen to get their hands on their new device. However, this eagerness shouldn’t make you drop your guard.

To avoid this shipping notification scam, consumers that are waiting to receive a shipping notification from UPS are to treat all email with caution and are told not to download any attachments associated with the potential scam. With this being one of the most popular electronics of all time, something like this was bound to surface.

Take caution when receiving emails regarding your new device.