Apple’s iPhone 6s Awarded Top Smartphone Sales Share In China

counterpoint 1

In recent news, Counterpoint Research reported that Apple’s new iPhone 6s and 6s Plus “broke records” in China, selling 7 million units in a single month to reach a leading 19% share of smartphone sales in September.

Many say that the new Rose Gold color option helped the iPhone 6s push Apple ahead of second place Huawei and third place Xiaomi, while Samsung dropped heavily in China’s smartphone rankings (as seen above).

According to Tarun Pathak’s Twitter page, he noted that Apple led smartphone sales in the U.S., giving the company “two crowns” across both world’s largest two phone handset markets. In addition, the firm also noted that their Monthly Market Pulse market share data is based on…

“Sell-through (sales) surveyed at major mass retailers, distributors across different markets (35 countries) by Counterpoint Research’s team plus cross checks with supply chain surveys, demand-side surveys & expert Analyst estimates, to complete the global monthly sales database.”

Furthermore, Counterpoint’s Research Director, Tom Kang noted in a release note that…

“Apple has now conquered the Chinese market so it will come under sustained attack from local competitors. But it is becoming an embedded brand in China, standing for luxury and high quality.”

Colleague Peter Richardson also noted that…

“with an iron grip on the US market and increasingly secure position in China, India will likely be Apple’s next target market. But India is a very different market to China and will consequently require a separate and distinct strategic approach.”

Lastly, Apple will announce their quarterly earnings report at the close of business today, and will go over their earnings and statistics.

Source info: Counterpoint Research, Tarun Pathak’s Twitter