Be Unique With EXOvault’s Exotic Teak iPhone 6 & 6s Plus Case

EXOvault case

Stand out from the crowd with the EXOvault Exotic Teak case for the iPhone 6 and 6s Plus. Not only is it unique, bold and exotic, it also offers exceptional materials and craftsmanship that will protect your iPhone no matter what the circumstance is.

EXOvault’s cases were specially designed as small pocket-sized functional art, to complement and enhance the iPhone’s sleek and slender aesthetic, for easy and comfortable handling, as well as fast portable convenience. Its genuine exotic woods were melded to a phonetic resin composite core, to give structural integrity without loosing any of its natural beauty, as well as its natural materials. The case also features smooth carefully crafted rounded ends, with impact resistant brass, as well as nickel or black anodized aluminum to shield and protect your iPhone’s delicate edges.

However, with all these great features, you will have to manually screw in the case onto your iPhone with stainless steel screws (that are included with the case), which only takes about two minutes to put on or take off your smartphone. If you’re interested in purchasing EXOvault’s Exotic Teak case you can check out, which offers it in black and nickel for $200 with shipping and handling.

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