Check Out 20 New Jailbreak Tweaks For iOS 9.0.2

pangu iOS 9

Anyone on iOS 9.0.2 will have a new list to checkout. The list of 20 jailbreak tweaks range from playing music to popping into apps that don’t have 3D Touch support, and much more.

In this list of 20 jailbreak tweaks, we will have some of the latest tweaks that are labeled under “Paid” and “Free.” You can check them out below.


Paid Tweaks For iOS 9.0.2:

Auris: Choose to open any music app when plugging in your headphones ($1.99). 

BrowserTab: Switch between tabs differently ($1.49).

Label Notify: Turns icon badges into labels of numbers with notifications ($0.99).

Pegasus: Adds Picture in Picture mode to all iOS 9 devices ($2.99).

Popcorn: Allows you to Peek or Pop into your Home screen icons ($0.99).

Remote Messages: A new remote browser front-end for Messages for iOS 9 ($3.99).

Safe Alarm 2: Adds more control options to your alarm ($0.99).

Screenshot App: This tweak lets you beautify your screenshots ($1.99).

SwitcherTweak Pro: A bundle of tweaks for the App Switcher ($0.99).

Tether: Create quick Alarms, Calendar events and Reminders ($0.99).


Free Tweaks For iOS 9.0.2:

BrowserBreadcrumbCleaner: Auto closes the tab when tapping on ‘Back to App’ in Safari or in Chrome (free).

Bluetooth Devices Renamer: Rename your Bluetooth devices in Settings (free).

FSVideoOnlyMessages: Videos are played in full screen and not inline in Messages app (free).

SFSafariViewController all the things: This tweak brings Safari View Controller support to Alien Blue, Gmail, Twitter and WhatsApp (free).

Shake To Undo Flipswitch: This brings Flipswitch a Shake to Undo feature (free).

SpotWhite: Spotlight background turns the color white (free).

StopPlaying9: Music app auto-play feature in iOS 9 is disabled (free).

Tactful: Cydia gains 3D Touch support (free).

TypeStatus 2: Puts an iMessage typing & read indicator in the Status Bar (free).

Unicode Faces: Select any Unicode faces on your keyboard (free).


For those that find one of these tweaks interesting, you can copy or type the name of the tweak you want into Cydia’s search bar and find the jailbreak by heading on over to the BigBoss Repo.